Weymouth Primary School



Strive for the best

At Weymouth, we seek to provide quality teaching for every child, every day, with everyone responsible.  We work together so that all children experience success and have their success celebrated.  Education at Weymouth is about creating opportunities for each and every student to dream what their futures could look like.  These dreams build on the unique and distinctive stories that students bring, and are supported by the stories that we share as a community.  We do not strive alone.  Instead, we seek success by developing Whanaungatanga – deep and strong relationships between our school, children, families and community. 

The Weymouth Way

Our core values of respect and honesty will be shown through the following of the Weymouth Way.

 We think

... by making good choices and taking ownership of our actions.

 We help

... by working together for the best outcome.

 We learn

... by taking responsibility for my own learning through reciprocity.

 We care

... by showing kindness, empathy and aroha to everyone.

Through following the Weymouth Way, we will display the New Zealand Curriculum’s Values and Key Competencies.


Our Logo


Celebrating Diversity

At Weymouth Primary, we place a high value on knowing the learner by building relationships and making connections with our children.  This entails seeking to understand how our children’s identities are culturally located as well as how they are shaped by experiences in their communities. We acknowledge and embrace all languages, cultures and identities, viewing them as providing richness and diversity to the fabric of our school.  Our school seeks to work in partnership with all cultures so that children can contribute to the life of the school through building on their own unique stories and experience success in who they are.

The unique position of the Maori culture is an important and essential element of our school ethos.  Weymouth Maori parents have identified their children’s desire of identity-their place in our world their sense of belonging and connection, their integration, their understanding and their acceptance.  Maori spirituality is also an integral part of our kaupapa.  Te Manu Tukutuku Roopu is an integral part of our school.

Ka Hikitia, the Pasifika Education Plan and Tātaiako will be our guiding documents for meeting the needs of our diverse students.