Weymouth Primary School

Free 'School Lunch Programme' 

Weymouth Primary School are part of the Government Scheme where free lunches are provided to schools. 

There are options to cater for the diet, health and cultural needs of our students, and we will work with suppliers and the Ministry of Education to make sure they are healthy and nutritious. All suppliers will be required to meet New Zealand food safety standards. The lunches will be available for all our students.

If you have any further questions, please contact the school on (09) 269-0588

Free 'Fruit in School Programme'

We are fortunate to receive free fruit throughout the week.  This is delivered to our school on Monday and Wednesday each week and then distributed to classes.  Fruit is accessible to students for morning tea, lunch and fruit breaks throughout the day.


KidsCan Charitable Trust

Kids Can is NZs leading charity dedicated to helping Kiwi kids. They support our school by providing food, jackets, shoes and health products.  We are very grateful to be a school that KidsCan supports.