Weymouth Primary School

Posted:  Friday 6 August 2021



Below are direct links to the information and resources from the NZ Police website:

Information for Parents/Whānau

Junior Primary - Year 1, 2, 3

Middle Primary - Year 4, 5, 6

Attached:    Keeping Ourselves Safe - Presentation for Whānau Meeting.pdf

Keeping Ourselves Safe has been designed to give students the skills to cope in situations involving abuse. It has three overall aims:

  • to develop and strengthen children’s skills to keep themselves safe with other people;

  • to support and encourage abused children to get help from caring adults;

  • to make teachers and parents/caregivers more aware of the need to keep children safe from abuse by adults or other children.

To be successful, Keeping Ourselves Safe needs your help and support. Your child may have homework activities to work on with you.  

It is important that you participate as much as possible and talk to your child about what they have been learning. This will help reinforce the messages the school is giving, and help your child to use his or her new skills with confidence.