Weymouth Primary School

This term we are working on improving our Maths and our Writing.  In Maths we want to improve our knowledge of Basic Facts so that we can recall these instantly without having to work them out.  By knowing our Basic Facts really well, we can use these to help us solve more complex mathematical problems.  In Writing we want to improve the spelling of words that we commonly use in our writing.  By knowing how to spell these words, this helps us to be fluent writers, and be more accurate in our writing.   

To encourage us to improve our maths and writing, we are holding a combined sponsored Basic-Facts-A-Thon and Spellathon.  Students will bring home a list to learn for spelling and maths, and they will be given lots of opportunities to practise at school.  All lists are available on our school website too. Students are encouraged to gain sponsors from family, friends or colleagues, or a donation, for the number of facts/words they get correct on Test Day.  (We do not encourage students to go door to door knocking for sponsors.)  Test Day will be on Thursday 2 September.  Students are to bring their Sponsorship Form back to their teacher by Test Day. The number of correct answers will be entered on the sponsorship form for students to then collect money.  We ask that money be collected and handed in to class teachers by Friday 17 September.  All funds will go towards purchasing more playground/PE equipment.