Weymouth Primary School

COVID19 updates

 Links for Important Messages

Talofa lava everyone, hope you’re all keeping safe and much alofa to our whanau/aiga in the Auckland region.

The links below gives important messages about the current alert levels that our country is in right now.

Here are the links for YouTube for the Pacific Languages 
  1. Vosa Vakaviti
  2. Te taetae ni Kiribati
  3. Vagahau Niue
  4. Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani
  5. Fäeag Rotųam
  6. Gagana Samoa,
  7. Te Gagana Tokelau
  8. Lea Faka Tonga
  9. Te Gana Tuvalu.
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Be safe everyone