Weymouth Primary School

Walk to School Wednesday

with our Mayor Phil Goff

Wednesday. 27th March, 2019

Guess what! Our school won a competition! March is Walking School Bus month and we were nominated to have a special guest join our walking crew. And we won!


On a grey and cloudy morning we were waiting for our special guest, the Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff to come. We were nervous because we were meeting the Mayor in person! We were excited too because we got to see him in real life!


Our hearts were racing!  When the mayor arrived I said "Hi my name is Skylah Halaholo” and Tania May shook the Mayor’s hand. We felt good because he smiled at us and he was talking nicely to us. Then we gathered altogether for the 2 group photos. When we finished the little kids gathered up and Mrs Johnson told them what to do for our Walk to School Wednesday so everyone could be safe. We started our walk and the children were talking and walking and walked very safely close to the grass. We crossed roads and we passed houses and we arrived at Weymouth Primary School.


The Mayor was talking to all the kids and all the parents. He was laughing and he was smiling. I think he likes our school! Maybe he will come back and visit one day!


By Skylah Halaholo and Tania May Morris-Simmons