Weymouth Primary School


 At Weymouth School we have four whare that have been named according to "Nga Hau e Wha" the "four winds"

This symbolises, for us, the "four corners of the world" in which we all stem from. The four winds bring us together.


The purpose of the houses are to foster the ‘tuakana-teina’ concept where our older
students are working with, and supporting our younger students.
Every staff member and student is part of a house and participates in the
events that take place throughout the year. 
Siblings are placed in the same house. 

Te Tonga

Te Tonga is our green whare

and they come from the South 




Hera Ani 

Te Whiti

Te Whiti is our yellow whare

and they come from the East 





Te Raki

Te Raki is our blue whare

and they come from the North 






Te Uru

Te Uru is our red whare

and they come from the West